Biometric data as a determinant of object shapes and functions

Human body has a system called homeostasis which is actively self-regulated for organism to remain in balance. Body reactions to a change in environment are biometrically quantifiable. Our body data, or biometrics, such as heart rate, blood oxygen level, body temperature can thus refect our needs. To help moving to a harmonious state, external media can be used, such as pills against sickness or wheelchair against disability. However, any product for human usage could be created to bring not only our physical, but also mental and psychological condition in balance. In this project, human-oriented product design is thus rethought based on biometric data. Here, we take wine glass as a good case in point.

Current progress
Until now the facial expression of wine-glass user has been analyzed and the facial emotional dynamics of user interactions have been mapped in chart. Qualitative analysis is however still to be fnished. Having selecting a plausible wine-drinking glass shape via interviews, we will be fnalize the new design of wine glass.

* Detail available by email
-Supported by fitbit inc.
-Research collaboration: Iurii Banshchikov, MA
-Presented at HuMITec Barcamp Berlin, 2017.06
-Poster selected and presentation in KLAS 2017 at Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces and Molecular Plant Physiology, 2017.11