Biometric data as a determinant of object shapes and functions

Biometric data
Our body data which is called biometrics such as heart rate, blood oxygen level, body temperature represent the needs of us. Our body has a system within the body of organism called homeostasis which is actively regulated to remain very nearly constant. The regulation of the body temperature of an animal is one example of homeostasis. The conceptual origins of homeostasis are based on ancient Greek concepts of balance and harmony. All of them fundamentally attribute life and health. In a practical manner, the measurement of biometrics are commonly used for diagnosis. The condition of sickness can be defined as a state of rupture. The body reaction which is quantified as biometrics are constantly lasting every single moment and intercommunicate with surroundings.

Research example (wineglass)
The aim of the project is to understand the needs of human by biometric data and fit the environment to the needs. As the example of biometrics usage in product design, I worked on a wineglass design project. Through the research I corrected the emotional data based on four classified wineglass hold ways and analysed what sort of human interaction symbolized happiness.

Ongoing research
This research is now adressing heart rate data as a measurment of stress level. By certen mathmatical analysus of consecutive heart rate data, in-depth stress level(every per second) can be analysed. By collate those data with the behavior of the subjects, the stress level infers the factors of high-stressed, in-relaxed moment. This research tries to find the better relations between human and objects and try to re-define the object shapes and functions.

Supported by fitbit inc.
Presented at HuMITec Barcamp Berlin, 2017.06