Thermo user interface

We have 5 senses, but use almost only 2 of them to use computer.
In our usual life we use 5 senses to live, but not use all of them when we use computer, in spite of long time digital devices we use. When we use computer, we use almost only sight (See the flat screen) and hearing. If there were more media to tell informations between computer and us, computer could tell us digital informations better.Through this study I use temperature as the additional medium , using Peltier element which can control the temperature.

Combine a temperature with Mouse
Why with mouse?
-Do not need to learn anymore the way to use
-Easy to tell temperature to hand

I want all people the new technology to use simply.Then a computer mouse is familiar to people. We do not need to learn any more the way to use, and the device is convenient to convey temperature to users hand. I plant a Peltier element on a mouse. (W:90mm D:110mm H:63mm)

3 examples using temperature
- In Games
- Tell own residual life
By temperature is better than by visual information to know about lives.I guess human inadvertently perceive through temperature that something organism is alive. For example when we shaking hands or hag each other, we can feel the partner’s body temperature.The heat is one of the primary factor to trust each other or it is a origin of peace of mind. I think it applies to digital information. Something exist can be better told by temperature than by sight.

- Computer interface
Tell what the significant button is
Tell information in 2 ways , visually and by temperature. In order to reduce errors when you utilize computer software, it`s worth to use a temperature. For example, when you need to chose one button, and there is no mending,the computer changes the temperature of the significant button to tell user which button is more important. Then user can make out the materiality of buttons through temperature when user puts the mouse cursor on the proper button.

- On Maps
Tell the elevation on 2D maps
Reduce the visual informations on map and Think about new interactive map.
On maps it teems with visual informations.(name of cities, addresses, buildings etc.) I realize the limitations of adding visual informations on maps. Therefore maps need another medium to be improved, which does not rely on just visual things. On this map, when you trace with the mouse on, the elevation report will be returned by temperature.