Toward future, people are tending to cook lesser and then what the kitchen goods will be exhisting for?

This project deals with a question of the future development of food process with the example of home food and cooking at home. Modern development have heavily touched upon it. Before modern times, for our ancestors, food production was important to families and all family members had to work for getting food to survive. Comparing to these times, modern society is not urged to see growing crops and cooking as means of survival. We mostly work far from food production and often eat out, at a restaurant or supermarket for instance. In some country eating food outside, so called “street food” is very common. In such a food culture, people gather to eat every day at restaurants or cafes. Such a place functions as a modern kitchen in the society. People tend to eat and cook less at home. How will the situation surrounding home food alter if its nutritional function plays lesser role every day? Considering these developments, we study with this project how a kitchen product will look like in the future.

What future kitchen needs?

Through the research on the functions of food at home, we propose these trends for future kitchen-related tool development.
- Fun first design
- Bring forth a chance to start conversation to the tool holder
We are entering the times when we do not need to produce a meal ourselves if not as a hobby. In these times the only reason behind meal production will be “fun” and as a human use object, it should contribute to make life glorious. We presume that improving social connectivity can achieve it. And to make it, we consider implanting the function of conversation starting. With an idea of the lemon squeezer by Philippe Starck, we think, in order to catch the attention of people and start conversation it need to accomplish to bring out a dramatic surprise with a commonly known object. In the lemon squeezer case, the object is a lemon. We think sugar is also a common object and it also exists in every kitchen. In this project we decided to play with sugar which anybody knows, to create dramatic fun and make a chance to start conversation.

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Research collaborator: Chen Hsiang Fu

Supported by:
National Institute for Materials Science(NIMS)

2017- UdK Rundgang 2017