Scents meet a memory

This is a experimental project which pursuit of relations between scenes and memories. Smells are fuzzy things, but it clearly and intensely correlate with memory. I guess everyone have particular smell which reminds you special experiences. For instance, the smell of a detergent might reminds you someone or draw a clear vision of your past memory in mind.In this work, by controlling the smells, I grope the smell which related to past memory.

Mix 3 scents
I referred to a structure of perfume for the selection of scents. Each fan control the volume of scent. I programmed the number of rotations to the 10 grade, and each fan chose randomly the grade.Sum up, there are 1000 types of scents.(10*10*10) Each 30 second, this machine breath out distinct scent. Some of them might meet a memory of human, and they might remeber some memory which related to the specific scent. Memory in connection with scent, clealy come to mind.