Child Growth Monitor

Recent studies indicate that the diagnosis of Growth Hormone deficiency is currently made a couple of years after it could have been identified and treated. An appropriate administration of the right therapy at the right time could help patients achieve final height during the crucial years of body development. The consequences of untreated conditions could potentially lead to severe medical complications in adulthood. On these grounds, height- and other body records such as weight- get usually lost over the years due to a lack of user-friendly digital tools, inconsistencies in measurement and habits to store them. Although doctors perform several evaluations on a regular basis, parents and child, do not have a digital and easy-to-access record of their body dimensions over the years. We believe that a digital and periodical record of body measurements, over long periods of time can provide patients and practitioners with valuable tools to target conditions and improve current healthcare workflows and protocols.


This app is a concept that encourages parents and children to keep a digital record of their body measurements based on an estimated size of custom-made clothes purchase reward system. The purchase of the clothes motivates and helps parents and children keep track of their records and provides physicians with reliable data during crucial moments. Through the process of body data collecting, it builds a personalized growth curve charts and it predicts the future growth curve. These prediction makes it possible to provide the estimated T-shirt size for the next months or years. Children are encouraged to design their own T-shirt online and request their parents or family(grandma etc.). Parents are also encouraged to record their child growth to make sure the T-shirt fits to him/her in the predicted time.

How to measure height:

Parents download a set of A4 size papers and attach them together to generate a big matrix featuring scales and animals on the side. A calibrated cell phone app can recognize the points marked in the paper matrix and calculate the height. The cell phone app can also obtain data from image recognition software-based devices installed at home that can perform the measurements automatically. This app is a concept that can adapt to current trends in technology but remains also available for those who do not want or can not afford an expensive gadget.

2017 - HPI Health Hackathon 2017, subject by Pfizer Germany